October 7-9, 2022
Camp John Marc
Meridian, Texas

The Camp Sol Family Retreat Weekend encourages families to connect with other grieving families as well as heal together through their shared experiences. The retreat also provides support groups and specific programming for children, parents and the family, and traditional camp activities to facilitate family bonding.

Children’s programming during The Camp Sol Family Retreat Weekend is designed to facilitate the expression of feelings relating to the death of a child’s sibling and to provide support as the child finds new ways to cope with  grief.  The therapeutic interventions such as expressive arts and music therapy are blended with camp activities to encourage the socialization of siblings who often feel isolated in their grief.  For many children, this is the first opportunity to meet someone else their age that has experienced the death of a brother or sister.  In order to facilitate continued understanding in the home, parents are provided valuable information regarding the developmental aspects of grief as well as an opportunity to meet with the Camp Sol staff regarding the needs of their particular child.

Parents are given the opportunity to process both as a family and as an individual with a variety of support group sessions all with the intent to learn to heal as a family.  The family engages in camp activities creating new memories while honoring the child that has died.  The retreat provides a time for learning how men and women grieve differently and encourages understanding.  Parents are given the opportunity to attend a moms group or a dads group and have time to reflect what the loss means to them as an individual.  As a result, bonds are created with other parents who truly understand their circumstance

The conclusion of the weekend is centered around the remembrance service, a time for families to come together to reflect, honor, and grieve the child that has died.  Parents have stated that coming to Camp Sol is like coming to a healing family reunion.  They find love and compassion and they can feel free to talk, cry, and laugh and know they are understood.

Family Weekend Retreats are based on space availability.

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